The Next Big Beauty Trend!



Have you ever heard of Buriti Fruit?

The Buriti fruit comes from the Buriti Tree, also know as the Moriche Palm.  This beautiful Palm tree grows tall in the swampy and wet regions of South America. Like the Acai, Buriti is also considered a Superfruit with many beneficial properties.  It’s fruit is very rich in Vitamins A and C, with high levels of Calcium, Iron and protein.  The oils , which are extracted from this fruit is considered to be the richest form of beta-carotene.  The oil can be used to heal wounds, treat a variety of skin conditions and also has the ability to protect the skin.  

In cosmetics, the Buriti fruit oil has the extraordinary capability to extremely nourish, moisturize, repair and protect the skin as well as improve the elasticity of aging skin. With it’s strong antioxidant properties it protects the skin from free radical damage.

It is believed Buriti oil, like Argan oil, is the next big coming trend in the cosmetic industry!  The natives of Brazil consider this tree sacred and refer to this tree as “The Life Tree,” because of its high nutrient content and ability to sustain life why not also bring life to your skin!  You can now find and enjoy the benefits of this oil in our organic and natural makeup line.  Our products are infused with the oils of this amazing Superfruit Buriti, as well as other beneficial sourced ingredients derived by nature.





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